Sea Turtle Scavenger Hunt

Take part in our fun-filled scavenger hunt to raise awareness of the Leatherback Sea Turtles that forage off of our coast … and have fun of course!



Pacific Leatherback Day Scavenger Hunt!

1)   Find a storm drain near you that leads to the ocean.


2)   Go to a beach that falls along the Pacific Ocean and take a photo.


3)   Make a sand angel.


4)   Pick up 3 pieces of marine debris (big or small they all matter!) and take a photo.


5)   Build a Sea Turtle Sand Castle and take a photo.


6)   Introduce yourself to two new people and tell them about the Leatherbacks that forage off of the California Coast.


7)   Email your photos to Turtle Island at or share them with us on social media!


8)   Do a turtle dance! (Extra credit if you post a video to the Turtle Island Restoration Network Facebook page)